Correct car wash method for your car


Car wash is the term which is use to describe that facility available to us through which we can get the exterior and interior of the cars washed. There are many categories in the automobile washing facilities. One can wash their car themselves or can hire anyone to do this for them. In most cases people opt for the option of getting their car washed by someone else. There are certain car wash facilities where one can call it as self-service because one simply have to insert a coin in the machine and then access their utensils and can wash their car themselves. So for those people who do not want to go for car washing services can just take their car to a garage and can do it themselves.

Another type of car wash service is the tunnel wash service. In this process there is a conveyor belt that moves slowly and the car is place on it. Then it is passed through a serried of steps that are involved in automobile washing process. By the time the vehicles gets off the conveyor belt it is completely clean. In this process of automobile washing again the water and foamy liquid is used. However, there are some people who argue that using water for automobile wash can over time ruin the polish of the car. For those people there is another category of vehicle wash facility in which no water is used. With the help of internet one can locate the nearest car wash service.

Self-serve car wash

Self serve car wash is more of less a DIY or self-service technique. It is important that things are undertaken in the correct manner and right order to prevent any potential damage from being inflicted and also ensure that all area are thoroughly cleaned and nothing is overlooked or missed. Hosepipes and pressure washers should be connected to the water supply and be sufficiently unraveled to provide one with enough length to comfortably reach around the vehicle. Wash buckets should be filled with shampoo and have grit guards inserted, wash implements or drying towels should be kept at close hand along with any other cleaners, such as wheel cleaner and all purpose cleaners and any detailing brushes that are required should be gathered together.

One can also get guides from the nearest car wash service. The first stage of the car washing process should always clean the wheels and wheel arches. This is because they tend to be the dirtiest and most contaminated part of a car and often require some heavy products to clean them properly. After all areas have been thoroughly cleaned and dried the car washing process is complete and the vehicle will be ready for further cleaning and detailing processes like polishing and protecting or it can be simply left at that if it is just a regular maintenance wash. If one follows this complete process using the correct equipment and suitable products then they should be able to easily obtain great results.