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How to choose the right a good garage

When it comes to getting a car repaired, what we really need is a reliable rating scheme for garages

finding a decent garage to look after your car is a bit like finding a reliable builder – it’s definitely harder than it should be. It’s a task that you’d think would be made easier by ratings schemes, but it can actually be made more difficult due to the sheer number of schemes aiming to provide impartial advice.

First of all, it’s worth investigating what a rating actually signifies. It should mean undercover inspectors turning up out of the blue, as they might to give a hotel its coveted stars. At the collision repair Tucson very least they should probe technicians’ qualifications and how up-to-date their equipment and mechanical know-how is.

In the more rigorous schemes, this happens. Others are simply listings dressed up to look like ratings services. I found one scheme that’s run by a lubricants company and whose featured garages only make the list because they buy the product. That information was revealed by a rival ratings scheme.

How do you know whether any garages on these sites are any good? The answer is you don’t. The Retail Motor Industry Federation’s Trust My Garage scheme comes close. It checks that its member garages, which number more than 2,000, work to specific standards. Plus it has a customer charter for its members.

The Motor Codes rating scheme, along with Bosch Car Service garages, must comply with guidelines laid down by the Government’s Trading Standards Institute. The 7,800 garages on Motor Codes’ books, including 2,200 independents, are checked every other year by the AA. “People are watching us,” said a Motor Codes spokesman. “We have to report the performance of our garages to Trading Standards.” Doing that means that you have greater protection should something go awry if you use a Motor Codes or Bosch-rated garage.

The Motor Codes website provided a listing of 73 garages in my area. Only 12 had ratings from customers and one had been expelled. But a spokesman said: “A year ago, we were getting 2,000 customer reviews a month. Now it is about 10,000, so it’s really building momentum.”

This prompts several questions. Why is this happening only now so that a worthwhile initiative like that of Motor Codes is playing catch-up? More importantly, why shouldn’t all garages obey some simple standards? There could be multiple breakdown companies helping ensure they’re up to scratch.

If they’re not, they should be struck off, as might a doctor or dentist. It should have been done years ago.

Choosing the Best Auto Services how for hiring

Not all auto service in Buckeye offer honest estimation. There are auto services estimates for about $300 for a specific problem in your engine or any certain part of your car while some auto repair shop want more than $1500 for multiple problems existing in your vehicle. You may be confused who is telling the truth and who’s not. That is why many people prefer to research more about the best auto repair shop like diesel repair Buckeye that is knowledgeable about the causes of problems of your motor. But the question is where to find them and how could you tell if they are great? In this blog, we are going to give some tips in choosing the best auto repair shop not only in Buckeye, also within the State.

Insurance is Important

It is better to play safe than to trust a company that is not insured. Insurance play a big role in repairs, particularly if the shop is not trusted or if there are instances that the auto repair shop burst into flames, would you suffer to pay the high premium instead of them paying the damage that has been done within their shops? What if the technician accidentally dented your car while test driving the vehicle? Would you be happy to see your car with a new dent while it’s not even your fault? In getting an auto repair shop, it is important to check if the company has insurance. This would save you the trouble.

Follow your instincts

Whether you have a list of repair shops to be visited or you need urgent auto repair, following your instinct is one of the best ways on selecting an auto repair shop. There would come a time when you have no choice but to drive to the nearest repair shop due to driving difficulties you would experience along the road. For choosing an auto repair shop in these times, following your instinct could help you get into the right shop.

When you find an auto repair shop that has successfully repaired your car, it’s better to stick with that shop, because it would assure you that they would provide you the same quality of repair the next time you needed their service. If you have to know more about other requirements needed in auto repairs, you can check the business if they are approved by the Better Business Bureau and AAA. In the end, you would still choose a shop that would help you repair your car for safety of your family members whenever you use the vehicle.

Ask Questions Related to your Vehicle’s Problem

The answer in getting the best auto repair shop lies within your tongue. You could tell if an auto repair shop is honest by asking them the right question with regards the causes of problems of your vehicle.

Ask relevant questions such as:

  • What causes this specific type of problems?
  • What repairs do you need to perform?
  • What specific parts do you need to replace?
  • What would happen if I let this problem continue?

Ask different auto repair shops about the specific problem that you are encountering and look for auto repair shop that would give you a direct answer about these questions and if the manager of the shop provided you accurate and consistent answer, you can trust these experts to take care of your vehicle.

Look for Certification

There are auto service shops that are offering state-of-the-art equipment, but a shop without prior knowledge in proper repairs or have less knowledge on the latest way of repairing a vehicle is not acceptable. Certifications are proofs that their technicians are competitive in utilizing the shops state-of-the-art equipments.  If you have time to browse different shops in your area, make sure to look for certifications from:

–          Continued education related in technical training.

–          NAPA/Echlin, Moog, TRW, ACDelco aftermarket training.

–          ASE ACDelco, and ASP certification

–          Manufacturers certification such as Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi

Get Estimates

Travel around and visit different repair centers and ask about your vehicles problem. Every time you visit an auto repair shop near you, ask for their estimation and how much would it cost you to repair your vehicle. There are some shops that are offering extra services in their estimates, so you better take a look around with other companies that is offering honest estimate. Make sure that you won’t get persuaded by their tactics of check up and free tuning. This could lead you into bigger trouble.


Professional Auto Repair Service how to right choosing

Many car owners do not realize all of the important reasons for hiring the most professional and responsible repair service possible. Almost all of them understand that they should receive the best value for their dollar. The element which some do not consider is safety. Placing your automobile in someone else’s hands is a serious situation. For example is collision repair Chandler AZ, if you hired a service to replace your brakes and they are improperly installed, it could place your entire family at risk. There are several considerations for hiring a professional auto repair service.


Most professional car repair service centers offer a free quote. They should inspect your vehicle as well as listen carefully to the details of your needs. The mechanic should not try to pressure you into purchasing anything that is not required. He/she should also provide you with cost cutting measures which do not compromise quality. Make sure all parts that will be used to repair your car are up to code, from a reputable dealer, and be properly warrantied. If you feel pressured, it may be best to move on to the next potential hire.

The Written Word

Your repair quote should be in writing so that you have a detailed record of what was repaired as well as how this was accomplished. Do not allow anyone to work on your vehicle without some sort of contract in place. This is to protect you; your family; and your property as well as the repair company. Never sign anything that you have not read and ask for clarification of anything which is confusing or unclear.

Insurance & Check Up

Professional mechanics are generally members of as well as certified by the Automotive Service Excellence organization also referred to as the ASE. This non-profit organization was formed in the early 70s as a way to for consumers to recognize competent, professional mechanics within the U.S. and regions of Canada. This is accomplished via PTC, or Prometric Test Centers. The process consists of successfully passing a number of tests as well as demands that recipients have amassed at least two solid years of hands-on mechanical experience.

Window Shopping

The internet provides a simple and fast method of window shopping for a mechanic. Research the company name as well as each member of the team. Look for reviews online to understand the level of service that business provides on a consistent basis. It is also a good idea to ask family members, friends, and co-workers, if they have used that specific company before as well as who they trust with their vehicles.

Communication is Key

Make sure that you are provided with one main point of contact while waiting for the repairs to be completed. The service should be happy to provide clear and direct contact information for you. This pint of contact should be able to address all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. This also applies when you first interview the individual, crew, or service. If the mechanic seems to be impatient or in a hurry, that may not be the best place to take your vehicle for repairs.

It is essential that the mechanic or repair service chosen has Auto Repair Liability. This policy protects your vehicle should damages result from a mistake that the mechanic is responsible for. It is important to ask if the business is insured as well as exactly what is covered within the policy. Again do not sign any type of agreement until you have read it and completely understand all of the fine print. The service may ask clients to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement. This means that the business will not be responsible for vandalism or theft of your vehicle. If you decide to comply with such an agreement be sure that you trust the repair service and its staff.